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Q1: BUCK-TICK made their debut which year? 
     A. 1997     B. 1978     C. 1987     D. 1988

Q2: Which year did BUCK-TICK hold a live in the Tokyo Dome? 
     A. 1999     B. 2003     C. 1987     D. 1989

Q3: Which year did BUCK-TICK hold a live in the Hibiya Great Outdoor Music Hall?
     A. 2000     B. 2003     C. 2004     D. 1989

Q4: Counting from the time of BUCK-TICK’s debut, Elize no tame ni is the
     A. 25th single     B. 30th single     C. 50th single     D. 28th single

Q5: What was the last song performed in the 20th century?

Q6: Which venue did the Climax Together concert take place at?
     A. Nippon Budokan     B. Yokohama Arena     C. Shinjuku Loft     D. Nippon Seinenkan

Q7: Complete the following line from JUST ONE MORE KISS: 
        ”Just one more kiss    ??? ha marude    setsuna no bibou”
     A. yokogao     B. anata     C. watashi     D. minna

Q8: Complete the following line from Muma -The Nightmare-: 
        ”??? no daichi    ware    shishouzoku no tamashi yo”
     A. Tokyo     B. Yomi     C. byakuya     D. tsundora

Q9: Complete the following line from Memento mori: 
        ”Love and death    ???    deai to wakare”
     A. ai to shi     B. jinsei ha     C. koyoi     D. kurai

Q10: Who wrote the music to DIABOLO?
     A. Atsushi Sakurai     B. Hisashi Imai     C. Hidehiko Hoshino     D. Yutaka Higuchi

Q11: What is the 13th track from 13kai ha gekkou called? 
     A. 13kai /13階     B. 13kai/13回     C. 13byou/13秒     D. 13pun/13分

Q12: What is the release date of the DAY IN QUESTION 2011 DVD?
     A. May 23, 2012     B. June 16, 2012     C. December 29, 2011     D. July 4, 2012

Q13: Which of the following songs was composed by Yutaka Higuchi?
     A. Zangai     B. Aku no hana      C. JUST ONE MORE KISS     D. UNDER THE MOONLIGHT

Q14: Which of the following songs was composed by Toll Yagami?
     A. DIZZY MOON     B. Speed     C. CHECK UP     D. DOLL

Q15: Which of the following songs was composed by Hidehiko Hoshino?
     A. Kuchizuke     B. Gensou no hana     C. Sakura     D. die

Q16: In which PV are the members performing the song against a backdrop of fire? 
     A. Zangai     B. HEAVEN     C. Aku no hana     D. Kyokutou yori ai wo komete

Q17: In which PV can you find a censorship blur?
     A. Dress     B. Gensou no hana     C. love letter     D. Uta

Q18: What is the name of the label BUCK-TICK created with Tokuma Japan?
     A. Lingua Sounda     B. Lingua Lingua     C. Lingua Soundage     D. Sounda Lingua

Q19: During shows, which member wears a “B-T” on their cheek? 
     A. Hisashi Imai     B. Hidehiko Hoshino     C. Yutaka Higuchi     D. Toll Yagami

Q20: What is the name of the band Atsushi Sakurai and Hisashi Imai formed with Raymond Watts
        and Sasha Konietzko?
     A. SCHAFT     B. SCHWEIN     C. Lucy     D. Dropz

Q21: Which song did BUCK-TICK cover on Michiro Endo’s tribute album?
     A. Romantist     B. Makeinu     C. Warsaw no gensou     D. Omae no inu

Q22: How many years has it been since BUCK-TICK’s debut?
     A. 20 years     B. 15 years     C. 25 years     D. 30 years

Q23: In which prefecture will this year’s BUCK-TICK FEST 2012 ON PARADE take place?
     A. Gunma     B. Kanagawa     C. Chiba     D. Ibaraki

Q24: From the following singles, which song never made it onto an album?
     A. GALAXY     B. RENDEZVOUS     C. Kagerou     D. Zangai

Q25: What is BUCK-TICK’s fan club called?

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